Membership in Penn Center House

Penn Center House is a privately held cooperative governed by a board of directors consisting of 7 members elected annually on a rotating basis to serve three year terms. To qualify for purchasing a membership in Penn Center House, applicants must show financial sustainability and good credit. The minimum requirements to purchase a unit are:

When an application is submitted, it must be accompanied by evidence of the above, as well as a $125 application fee, $100 of which is refundable upon request. The entire amount can be applied toward the purchase of a unit. All information provided is kept fully confidential.

As a final step in the approval process, the applicant must meet with the Penn Center House membership committee.

To apply for membership, an Application Packet has been designed to assist you in this process. Simply print, fill out and submit the form, which can be found in the Documents section, accessed by clicking the Documents link above. Or, click the link below:

Membership Application